Taiwan Food Guide By The Locals : 6 Best Things You Shoud Eat in Night Markets

Updated 2021-07-30

Taiwan sometimes is known as foodies’ paradise because of night markets and many great street eats. When it comes to food, we guarantee, you can almost try these things in EVERY night markets around Taiwan!

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Here we listed 6 best thing we locals really recommend to travelers to choice while visiting bunch of similar night markets.  

1.Xiao Long Bao

Even though it’s not from the very famous restaurant “Din Tai Fung”, Taiwan still has a lot of restaurants selling great Xiao Long Bao! Sometimes in the night markets, when you see Xiao Long Bao restaurants with a long waiting line, that might be a good choice which won’t make you regret, just walk inside directly!

2.Oyster Omelette

One of Taiwan’s most famous street eats — oyster omelette served with a sweet and mildly spicy sauce. Really good with a great gummy texture.

3.Pig’s Blood Cake

This one, may not be so unfamiliar to travelers who’ve already landed in Taiwan. Because if you ask the locals what to eat in night markets, pig blood cake will first come into their minds. Please don’t be terrified by it’s name because the ingredient of “pig blood” doesn’t take the most portion(Rice does)! It’s steamed before being covered with a sweet soy sauce and dredged with peanut powder and coriander. Really novel medley of flavors and textures.

4.Stinky Tofu

Just like “pig blood cake” or even more, stinky tofu bears good reputations from Taiwanese but also equal amount of fear from visitors! And the fear may comes from its smell due to the fermentation. But believe me, it’s just like the blue cheese, you’re gonna fall in love with it after giving your first try! If you haven’t tried it, you cannot say that you’ve been to Taiwan! Get it?

5.Flame-Torched Beef

This can be so many people’s top choice when they go to night markets because you don’t need to pay much money but could enjoy the beef with not so low class. The vendor will grill and torch the beef before giving you a choice of seasoning. Please must give it a try as you visit any night market.

6.Oyster vermicelli

Oyster vermicelli or oamisoir(Taiwanese) is a kind of noodle soup popular in Taiwan. Its main ingredients are oysters and misua(Taiwanese).A tan-brown variety of vermicelli used for this dish is made primarily with wheat flour and salt, and gains its unique colour due to a steaming process which caramelizes the sugars in the dough allowing it to be cooked for longer periods without breaking down. Highly recommend to you.


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Info quoted from:wikitravel
Thanks to Will fly for food for the picture sharing.
Original article:https://goo.gl/M5SAQS

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