Located in Songshan district,Minsheng Community has built up a high level atmosphere in this area which combined the living community with the commercial neighbor.Here you can see various designed cafe, shops, bookstores, and Japanese brand stores.Especially on Fujin Street! 

This is the place to watch Taiwan’s hipsters while enjoying a street-side coffee or browsing upcycled designer wear. It’s a secret little oasis from the traffic-choked streets full of shopping and towers. 

Travel Info
Minsheng Community
[民生社區 /mín shēng shè qū ] 

-Located in:Taipei, Northern Taiwan
-County:Taipei City
-Features:Designed cafe shops, Design wears
-Highly recommend to:Hipsters
-Open Hours:Vary from different cafe or shops, but the public streets are always open

-Transportation:MRT Nanjing Sanmin Station Exit1—>And then go rent an Ubike!(Or you’re gonna walk for a while)
Address:Fujin Street, Songshan District


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