Pier-2 Art District : Come Free Your Art Soul Here in Kaohsiung


An attractive area consisting of 25 warehouses from the 1970s that have been turned into galleries, boutiques and entertainment venues. Prices at the outlets are not low but that doesn’t prevent Pier-2 from being a wonderful place in which to spend half a day (or as long as you like).

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Pier-2 consists of three groups of warehouses laid out along two boulevards by the port. The first group features designer workshops, boutiques selling local and imported lifestyle products (like PamAm passport pouches), a vintage shop, Ham Gallery, and trendy cafes. A flea market is held here on weekend afternoons.

The second group are former bicycle warehouses that now shelter children’s theatres, game and ice-cream parlours, Eslite bookstore and a wonderful stationery store. The third cluster has performance venues such as In Our Time, restaurants and beautiful lawns strewn with huge installation works made with materials from Kaohsiung’s industrial past. There are also disused rail tracks here that have been covered with flowers. It’s beautiful at sunset.

The NT$149 pass includes admission to a contemporary art gallery and a viewing tower, and a ride on a toy train. But honestly, there’s plenty to see here for free. If your child insists on going on the toy train, it’s NT$99 a ride. Restaurants at Pier-2 tend to be gimmicky and expensive, but there are a few food vendors on streets leading away from the district that close around 8pm. Also note that many of the designers’ workshops and boutiques at Pier-2 do not open until noon or 1pm.

Travel Info

Pier-2 Art District
[駁二特區 / bó èr tè qū ]
-Located in:Southern Taiwan
-County:Kaohsiung City
-Features:Arts, events and Expos
-Highly recommend to:Arts Enthusiasts
-Opening Hours:24/7 for the outdoor sites, but different opening hours from shops or expos! Most of them are from 10:00am-18:00pm/20:00pm

-Transportation:MRT Yanchengpu Station Exit.1
-Address:No. 1, Dayong Road, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

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