Kenting National Park : Eluanbi Lighthouse

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Kenting’s best-known landmark – a still-functioning lighthouse built in the 1880s – is at Eluanbi Cape, the southernmost end of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range and inside Eluanbi Park. The park is a part of Kenting Forest Recreation Area and is served by a separate entrance. Eluanbi Park also features trails through vines and past massive coral rocks, a coastal walkway where locals go to fish, and lookout points.

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Travel Info

Eluanbi Lighthouse(Belongs to 
Kenting National Park)
[鵝鑾鼻燈塔/é luán bí dēng tǎ ]
-Located in:Southern Taiwan
-Features:Nature Landscapes, Scenic Spots, Outdoor activities
-Highly recommend to:Outdoors Enthusiasts
-Opening Hours:

Mon  9:00am-18:00pm
Tue  9:00am-18:00pm
Wed  9:00am-18:00pm
Thu  9:00am-18:00pm
Fri  9:00am-18:00pm
Sat  9:00am-18:00pm
Sun  9:00am-18:00pm

-Address:No. 90, Dengta Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan

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