Pingxi District : The Picturesque Valley Where You can Have A Worthy Rail Trip

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Despite Taiwan’s heavily urbanised landscape, the north has retained much of its frontier past, where a slower pace of life prevails in makeshift-looking villages. Such are the settlements that dot Pingxi District – a wild, wooded gorge served by the Pingxi Branch Rail Line (平溪鐵路支線; Píngxī Tiělù Zhīxiàn). Along this picturesque valley you’ll find thrilling hikes, high waterfalls, river pools, a cat town and the remains of what was once a thriving coal industry. Pingxi Town itself is the site of the annual sky lantern release during the Lantern Festival, an event not to be missed.

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Travel Info
[平溪 / píng xī] 

-Located in:Northern Taiwan
-County:New Taipei City
-Features:Quaint village, Scenic Spots, Old streets
-Highly recommend to:Historical Sites Enthusiasts
-Opening Hours:24/7 for the outdoor sites, but different opening hours from shops


By Train  Take TRA Yilan Line or North-Link Line to Badu Train Station or Ruifang Train Station and then transfer to Pingxi Branch Rail Line to Pingxi
By Bus 1. Take Taipei Bus No. 795 from Muzha to Pingxi (Operating Hours: 4:50-22:40)
2. Take Keelung Bus No. 846 from Ruifang – Shifen – Pingxi (Operating Hours: 6:00-16:00)

*Shuttle Service will be provided on the days of Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

-Address:Pingxi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan


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