4 Great Street Eats Places in Taiwan(Except Night Markets’ Version!)

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Taiwan’s reputation as a culinary hot spot is spreading; even street food-obsessed Singaporeans and Malaysians are beating a fast path here to sample the nightly goodies. Though Taipei’s night markets are arguably the most famous, all cities in Taiwan have at least a few of their own, and even a medium-sized town will have a street set up with food stalls selling traditional Taiwanese eats late into the night.

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Here are some recommended places famous for their great street food!

Tainan:Tainan is so called Taiwan’s food/history capital.There’re countless great but pretty cheap food stands located in every district, even at every street corner. You don’t need to look up on your travel guide book because we can guarantee that, every time when you see people wait in a long line just to get one dish, no matter what it is, it definitely worth a try!

Jishan Street:It’s one of the spots in Jiufen & Jinguashi. One of the most popular activities on this street is snacking. Some distinctive snacks to look for include taro balls(芋圓/yùyuán), fish balls(魚丸/yúwán), herbal(草仔糕/cakescǎozǐ gāo) and molasses cake(黑糖糕/hēitáng gāo).

Hsinchu:This county has a weird name called “windy city” due to its windy weather almost all the year.And that’s also the reason for making a lot of rice noodles which need to be dried naturally.Interesting, right?More then this, you can try beef noodles, pork meatballs, tempura (tian bu la), duck noodles, black cat bun, Hakka glutinous rice balls, pork stuffed meatball, famous peanut butter there in Hsinchu.

Pingxi:Despite the famous annual lantern festival taking place there, Pingxi is also famous for its old street selling traditional souvenirs and street food.Just like Jishan street in Jiufen does!


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