Ciyou Temple : The One with Gorgeous Crafted Rooftop

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This 18th-century triple-tiered temple is dedicated to Matsu, the black-faced Chinese goddess of seafarers. It marks the start of the Raohe Street Night Market and is one of Taipei’s busiest and most colourful temples. The rooftop mosaic-like decoration[jiǎnniàn] is particularly vibrant.

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Travel Info
Ciyou Temple
[慈祐宮 / cí yòu gōng]

-Main God/Godess:Mazu
-Function:People usually pray for peace in their lives and families, and pray to have a child
-Features:Taipei’s busiest and most colourful temples, the rooftop’s mosaic-like exquisite decoration, the best location right next to Raohe Street Night Market
-Opening hours:

Mon 5:00 am – 22:30 pm
Tue 5:00 am – 22:30 pm
Wed 5:00 am – 22:30 pm
Thu 5:00 am – 22:30 pm
Fri 5:00 am – 22:30 pm
Sat 5:00 am – 22:30 pm
Sun 5:00 am – 22:30 pm

-Transportation:Songshan MRT station, exit 3
-Address:No. 761, Section 4, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei City


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