TEMPLES | 4 Top Visited FUNCTIONAL Attractive Temples in Taipei

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When in Taipei, you have to visit at least one of the temples. You’ll witness some of the most detailed, finely crafted buildings you’ll ever see in your life, gold, red, wooden designs interwoven with candles, incense and soft colours. If I had to have a temple built, I’d have it modeled after the temples in Taipei.

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Unlike some other countries where prayer seems to largely be a thing of the past. The Taiwanese, both young and old take time out of their daily lives for prayer and worship. I’m far from a religious fanatic, but I find Taiwan’s devotion to religion and spirituality refreshing. There are several temples around the city, one located directly beside the Raohe night market at Songshan MRT station (exit 3) called “Ciyou Temple“, another “Confucius Temple” at 275 Dalong Road (Yuanshan MRT station) and a more famous one “Longshan Temple” at 211 Guangzhou Street (Longshan Temple MRT station) to name a few.

Here’re the information about those top visited temples:

TOP.3  Ciyou Temple [cí yòu gōng]

Ciyou Temple is a folk temple in Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Mazu. It was constructed in 1753. According to legends the temple was founded by a wandering monk who came upon a group on Matsu followers. Together they raised money for ten years and then built their temple…

-Main God/Godess:Mazu
-Function:People usually pray for peace in their lives and families, and pray to have a child
-Features:Taipei’s busiest and most colourful temples, the rooftop’s mosaic-like exquisite decoration, the best location right next to Raohe Street Night Market

TOP.2  Confucius Temple [kǒng miào]

The Taipei Confucius Temple is modeled after the original Confucius Temple in Qufu, Shandong Province of China. It is located in Datong District in Taipei.There are many Confucius Temples around Taiwan, Taipei’s is the only one adorned with southern Fujian-style ceramic adornments. Every year on September 28, a ceremony with traditional music and stylized dancing is held at the temple in honor of Confucius…

-Main God/Godess:Confucius
-Function:Students usually pray for their academic grades with flying colours
-Features:Southern Fujian-style ceramic adornments, Taiwan’s delightful local decorative arts

TOP.1  Longshan Temple [lóng shān sì]

Lungshan Temple of Manka is a Buddhist temple in Taipei. The temple was built in 1738 by settlers from Fujian during Qing rule in honor of Guanyin. It served as a place of worship and a gathering place for the Chinese settlers.The main building and the left corridor were damaged and many precious artifacts and artworks were lost because of the wars. It was rebuilt after the end of World War II a few months later…

-Main God/Godess:Guanyin, Mazu, and Guan Yu
-Function:People usually pray for love relationships here, but also for peace
-Features:The most huge, delicate, spectacular and traditional temple in Taipei(or even in Taiwan!), the best location right next to Wanhua historical district(also the area recommended for tourists), is a class-2 historical site

Here’s a BONUS! Never miss this temple out if you come to Taipei!

Xiahai City God Temple [xiá hǎi chéng huáng miào]

Was built in 1856. Located in Da-Dao Cheng, a port city that at the time was one of the better-developed areas in Taiwan, the Xia-Hai City God temple ensures prosperity and peace through its blessings. Nowadays young people come to pray for a happy love life and good job.

-Main God/Godess:Chenghuangshen, Yue Lao(a god of marriage and love in Chinese mythology)
-Function:People usually pray for love relationships here
-Features:The efficacious Yue Lao’s works, and the traditional temple itself
is a class-3 historical site, the best location in Dihua Street(also the area recommended for tourists)



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