Why You SHOULD Visit Taiwan and The BEST TIME to Visit

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For a relatively small island, Taiwan is brimming with things to do, see and experience. Taiwan has its own personality, and it’s magnetic. I’m already looking into a return trip to Taipei. I need to experience it all. Taipei doesn’t have the mega city popularity of Tokyo. It’s not at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list like Thailand. And that’s part of its appeal. It won’t be the first place to get your attention, but it will keep your attention. Like the dorky girl with thick-framed glasses who slips into a little black dress, lets her hair down and is suddenly the most gorgeous woman you’ve ever seen; Taipei is a diamond in the rough.


Taiwan is in southeast Asia; the destination that almost every traveler I meet is heading to or coming from. It’s not by accident, there’s a wealth of amazing places to see in southeast Asia. When you book your Taiwan trip, I advise you to book between October and April, the non rainy months.

Just a few days before I arrived, Taiwan’s eastern coast was hit hard by one of the biggest typhoons they had seen in recent history. When I arrived, I lost a day and a half of activities because of heavy rain. Luckily, the hostel I stayed in was occupied by some of the coolest, most engaging and genuine people I’ve ever met.

It was also affordable and conveniently located less than a five minute walk from Songshan MRT Station. Within five minutes of arriving, I had made friends and felt right at home. Not to mention it’s where I met Johnny Chiang of Stop Kidding Studios. He’s the foremost Youtuber in Taiwan and has tons of great and hilarious material on his channel!


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