Budget but Local ! Street Food and Night Markets Food in Taipei

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If you ask anyone who has been to Taipei what to do when you visit, they’ll list the night markets in their top five. If not, they were probably only in Taipei on a connecting flight and didn’t leave the airport terminal. The Raohe night market was an obvious choice for me because it was less than five minutes walking distance from the hostel where I stayed. After speaking to a few local friends, I was told the Shilin night market was also worth checking out, but that locals often avoided it because it was filled with foreigners (yea, that’s pretty ironic).

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I was also told about a few other quality night markets to eat and shop at for cheap. After visiting night markets in Beijing, Ho Chi Min City (formerly Saigon, Vietnam), Harbin and Taipei, I’d say Taipei’s night market is tied for first place with HCMC. Reason being, there’s a lot more space in the Vietnam night market, so you’ll feel far less crowded and won’t emerge smelling like grilled (insert meat name here) on your way out.

The Taipei night market has a far wider selection of food and shopping items though. All of the night markets open in the early evening (5 pm ish) and close at midnight. They’re especially worth visiting if you want to try delicious local food and if you’re skilled at haggling merchants to get better prices (just because you’re a foreigner doesn’t mean you can’t spend like a local).

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