The Best Hostels in Tainan for Backpackers and Budget-Conscious Travelers.

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When you visit Tainan, besides indulging in the essential beef soup and the delights of Guohua Street, finding the right place to stay—one that you’ll fondly remember—is equally important. While there are many guesthouses in Tainan, and hotels have been popping up in recent years, hostels truly capture the local flavor of Tainan. Those who prefer hostels tend to be independent, enjoy making new friends, and often discover many interesting stories during their conversations with others. Today, I’ll introduce a few hostels that are not only favored by the locals but also frequently chosen by international travelers visiting Tainan. These places offer an authentic taste of the city and are ideal for travelers looking for affordable accommodations.

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Tainan Accommodations – Hostels in Tainan

福憩背包客棧 Fuqi Hostel

Fuqi Hostel has two branches. The first, Yuanqi Pavilion, is situated near the Lin Department Store and the Art Museum Branch II. This hostel has been renovated from an old house dating back to the Japanese colonial period, and all the bed frames are made of solid wood, giving off a gentle scent of natural wood throughout the air. The second branch, Heping Pavilion, is located in the Haian Road shopping district, just a three-minute walk from the culinary paradise of Guohua Street, which explains why it’s so hard to find a vacancy during the weekends! Even international tourists love it, which really shows how popular it has become.

Source: IG @fuqihostel

Heping Pavilion – No. 91, Heping Street, West Central District, Tainan City
Yuanqi Pavilion – No. 70, Zhongzheng Road, West Central District, Tainan City
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樂客背包客棧 Local Backpacker Hostel

The Local Backpacker Hostel is crafted with elements of Tainan, featuring traditional floral tiles and indigo-dye decorations that showcase the unique culture of Tainan. The lobby on the ground floor is a comfortable, culturally rich space with a large “LOCAL” sign at the back, allowing sunlight to pour through. Local Hostel welcomes solo travelers, as well as cycling enthusiasts, and even small groups looking to book the entire building. It’s a welcoming place for anyone looking to explore the heart of Tainan.

Address: No. 33, Lane 259, Section 2, Haian Road, West Central District, Tainan City
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U.I.J Hotel & Hostel 友愛街旅館

U.I.J Hotel & Hostel is located in a prime area of Tainan, close to famous historical sites and must-visit food streets, making it a top choice for many travelers to Tainan. The exterior of the hostel on Youai Street is strikingly designed, with the front awning resembling a temple structure. The lobby has an industrial look but also incorporates elements of old Tainan such as red bricks and pebbled flooring, rightfully earning its title as a design-focused hostel. Guests can choose according to their preference, whether to stay in the hostel-style rooms for a more communal experience or opt for private double rooms. Additionally, the facility includes a parking area, making it a must-try accommodation option for visitors!

Source: IG @shachang_
Source: IG @shachang_
Source: IG @shachang_

Address: No. 5, Lane 115, Youai Street, West Central District, Tainan City
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365.合日旅所 365 Hostel

365 Hostel, a remodeled old house, retains elements like tatami mats and vintage patterned tiles, enveloping guests in an aura of history. The design uniquely blends Japanese and industrial styles, presenting a facet of Tainan not commonly seen. The hostel offers both dormitory-style rooms for backpackers and private double rooms, all contributing to a mysterious and relaxed ambiance. Rather than highlighting specific amenities, 365 Hostel invites travelers to come and discover what lies within. It’s highly recommended for solo travelers seeking quality time with themselves.

Source: IG@evaliu__

Address: No. 5, Lane 365, Section 2, Ximen Road, West Central District, Tainan City
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掘旅青年旅舍 Journey Hostel

Located near Tainan’s rear train station, Journey Hostel offers a convenient location with plenty of local eateries nearby, making it a great choice even for those without personal transport. The hostel sports a cozy industrial decor, with a welcoming lobby that includes a communal kitchen and an open bar area, ideal for the social nature of hostel travelers. Here, guests can enjoy a drink and chat in the evenings.

The room options at Journey Hostel are diverse, including dormitories for women, men, and mixed-gender, as well as private rooms for three or four people for those seeking more privacy. What’s more, the pricing is very reasonable. The owner, drawing on their own experiences from staying in hostels abroad, has created a fantastic option for travelers who enjoy the hostel vibe.

Source:  Journey Hostel

Address: No. 161, Yule Street, East District, Tainan City
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