Stone Saunas in Taiwan | Want to Relieve Fatigue and Enhance Beauty? Selecting 7 Stone Saunas, Gather Your Group and Enjoy Healing Time!

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Stone Saunas Across Taiwan | Want to Relieve Fatigue and Enhance Beauty? Selecting 7 Stone Saunas, Gather Your Group and Enjoy Healing Time

The origin of stone saunas dates back to Akita, Japan. Legend has it that a woman lay on the rocks near the source of the Tamagawa hot spring, and after some time, her ailments miraculously healed without medication. Therefore, it gradually became a form of folk therapy, spreading widely. In Taiwan, many places offer Japanese-style stone saunas, allowing individuals to relax and rejuvenate while also enhancing their beauty. For this reason, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to stone saunas across Taiwan. Don’t miss the chance to replenish your energy!

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Recommendations for Stone Saunas in Taiwan

Tang Mei Yan Stone Sauna 湯美岩岩盤浴

Tang Mei Yan Stone Sauna” offers two types of services: bath-type stone sauna and dome-type stone sauna. The bath-type stone sauna uses technology energy stones and carbon fiber heating pads to maintain medical-grade levels of negative ions and far-infrared content. It’s suitable for couples or friends to lie down and feel the power of natural stone saunas. As for the dome-type stone sauna, it’s designed as a dome shape with the entire cabin and rainflower stones heated by far-infrared carbon fiber heating pads. It can be completely enveloped in high-concentration negative ions, making oneself full of vitality and healthy beauty.

  • Address: 1F, No. 5-1, Lane 42, Yixian Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
  • Phone: 02 8786 0754
  • Opening Hours: 14:00-22:00 (Closed on Sundays)
  • Facebook: Tang Mei Yan Stone Sauna

Tang’s Flower Stone Sauna Nanjing Store 湯之花岩盤浴南京店

Inheriting techniques from Japan, Tang’s Flower Stone Sauna Nanjing Store” is built by master craftsmen using pure manual workmanship. It features Japanese cypress stone sauna beds created for insect and mildew prevention, providing individual semi-cylindrical designs, bathing scenes imitating the real situation of the Tamagawa hot spring in Japan, and booth-style spaces with private exclusive spaces. Whether alone or with friends, you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of energy and warmth! It’s worth mentioning that Tang’s Flower Stone Sauna uses three types of minerals: Beitou stone, negative ion stone, and infrared stone, to enhance bodily functions.


Stone Sauna Beauty Bath Leisure 岩盤美浴悠

For those who can’t endure high temperatures and humidity for a long time, “Stone Sauna Beauty Bath Leisure” would be a good choice! The room temperature of Stone Sauna Beauty Bath Leisure is about 40°C, and the humidity is about 50% to 60%. Compared to the high temperature of 70°C to 80°C in the general dry sauna, it’s less oppressive. The usage process is also simple: after showering, put on a bathrobe, place a towel on the stone sauna bed, lie face down for 5 minutes at the beginning, then lie face up for 10 minutes, followed by resting in the lounge to replenish moisture and rest for a while. Repeat the bathing and resting process for about 3 to 4 times, and you’ll feel refreshed and energized.


Futang Stone Sauna 福湯岩盤浴

The largest Japanese dry spring resort in Taiwan is here! The opening of “Futang Stone Sauna” in Hsinchu caused a sensation. Not only is the space large, but the facilities are also extremely innovative. For example, the “Midnight Room” with a starry sky made of divine black stones flown in from Japan, and a Japanese-style lounge with over 100 seats and reclining chairs, as well as various public facilities such as the “Book Nook” with over 5000 books. It’s perfect for experiencing with a group of friends. What’s more, the store operates 24 hours a day, so you can come anytime and chill out!


Green Forest Wellness Center 青之森養身館

Located near the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung, the “Green Forest Wellness Center” offers projects such as a negative ion radium stone sauna. In addition, it also provides ear picking, Chinese-style acupressure, as well as modern beauty and essential oil SPA services. Many customers choose regular stone sauna sessions combined with facial treatments or oil pressure to deeply relieve fatigue and pamper themselves.


MediBeauty 醫妍美學

“MediBeauty” offers Japanese-style stone saunas, beauty consultations, professional facial care, full-body relaxation SPA, fat-bursting body sculpting, painless hair removal, and other services. Before the stone sauna, you’ll need to shower. Then, a beautician will help measure your weight and body fat. After that, you’ll undergo a 40-minute radium stone sauna session. Afterward, your weight and body fat will be measured again, and finally, you can enjoy flower tea and snacks. Overall, it offers excellent value for money!


Midsummer Beauty SPA (Kaohsiung Dome Store) 仲夏美人SPA (高雄巨蛋館)

Near Kaohsiung Dome, “Midsummer Beauty SPA” combines energy medicine, neurology, and traditional meridian health concepts to guide the body’s meridians and awaken the body’s potential. It offers courses in energy five-element radium stone saunas. Many customers have said that it feels like having a good sleep after the course. Not only does it relieve back pain and discomfort, but it also improves gynecological problems such as cold hands and feet.

  • Address: No. 98, Zhengxin Street, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City 
  • Phone: 07 556 5157 
  • Opening Hours: 11:00-20:00 
  • Instagram: Midsummer Beauty Spa

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