Accommodation in Taiwan | Discover 8 Hotels with Stunning Infinity Pools Across Taiwan, and Enjoy Ultimate Relaxation!

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Accommodation in Taiwan – For modern individuals living in a busy world, treating yourself to a rare vacation is essential. Plan a comfortable trip, pack lightly, choose a hotel with stunning views, and leisurely float in an infinity pool. Enjoy the wide ocean views and mountain mists, where the skyline merges with the poolside, offering a breathtaking sight that alleviates stress. Unwind from your usual tense self and fully indulge in leisurely moments! Here, I’ve carefully selected 8 hotels with excellent panoramic views of infinity pools, recommended for those planning their travels.

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Recommended Accommodations in Taiwan

Taipei – Shilin Marriott Hotel 台北 士林萬麗酒店

The “Shilin Marriott Hotel” is one of the few luxury hotels in Taipei with an infinity pool. Its style exudes understated luxury, and its proximity to the Shilin Night Market and Shilin Official Residence makes it a favorite accommodation choice for many foreign tourists visiting Taiwan. The rooftop infinity pool is surrounded by mountain views, offering a panoramic vista of Yangmingshan and Qixing Mountain. With no obstructions around due to its location next to the Shilin Official Residence, the view is exceptionally expansive, providing a sense of being in a secluded paradise.

Address: No. 8, Lane 470, Section 5, Zhongshan North Road, Shilin District, Taipei City
Phone: 02-8861-2389
Booking Link: Taipei Shilin Marriott Hotel
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Yilan – Jiaoxi Wellspring by Silks Hotel 宜蘭 礁溪老爺酒店

The “Jiaoxi Wellspring by Silks Hotel” boasts exclusive beautiful views surrounded by mountain mists and overlooking the entire Lanyang Plain. Every corner immerses guests in a top-notch resort atmosphere. Whether in the spacious infinity pool, the relaxing therapeutic hot springs, or the outdoor wild hot spring facilities, guests can enjoy the beautiful views of the Lanyang Plain. With excellent service and high-quality dining, it’s no wonder this hotel is highly recommended by many netizens as a luxurious vacation destination.

Source / IG@mini_abbe
Source / IG@mini_abbe

Address: No. 69, Wufeng Road, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County

Phone: 03-988-6288

Booking Link: Jiaoxi Wellspring by Silks Hotel

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Hualien – Kadda Hotel Chimei Journey 花蓮 Kadda Hotel 璽賓行旅

The “Kadda Hotel Chimei Journey” is a sports-themed hotel with bicycles as its main focus. With an exclusive bicycle rider reception desk, guests can complete their check-in without leaving their bikes. The elevator can carry bicycles directly to the rooms, which are adjacent to the Liyu Lake and Mei Lake cycling trails, allowing guests to roam the beauty of Hualien’s coastline on bicycles. All rooms feature balcony ocean views, allowing guests to enjoy the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean without leaving their rooms. The stunning infinity pool offers picturesque views, capturing the seamless blend of water and sky, while guests can also enjoy stargazing romantically in the pool at night.

Source / IG@sasha_shan
Source / IG@blhedy_k

Address: No. 2-6, Minquan Road, Hualien City, Hualien County

Phone: 03-831-6631

Booking Link: Kadda Hotel Chimei Journey

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Chiayi – Chao Yi Cultural Resort – Peach City Tea Style
嘉義 承億文旅-桃城茶樣子

The “Chao Yi Cultural Resort – Peach City Tea Style” features a tea-themed design, with rooms filled with modernity and ample natural light thanks to large glass windows, offering panoramic views of leisurely Chiayi City. The rooftop infinity pool, lined with surrounding high-rise buildings, appears to float in the sky, often likened to a dreamy resort spot reminiscent of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands. As the evening sun sets on the pool, it creates a romantic and cozy ambiance.

Source / IG@kb777689

Address: No. 516, Zhongxiao Road, East District, Chiayi City

Phone: 05-228-0555

Booking Link: Chao Yi Cultural Resort – Peach City Tea Style

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Nantou – The Bal`e Villas Niumian Puli南投 The Bal`e Villas 牛眠埔里

The “Niumian Puli” has been incredibly difficult to book since its opening. Situated in Puli Mountain City, it is secluded, surrounded by greenery in a small valley, creating an atmosphere of seclusion. Materials and furnishings are sourced from Bali, providing guests with an authentic accommodation experience. The extravagant infinity suspended pool and gazebo are must-visit highlights for guests! All rooms are villa-level, and spacious, with independent entrances and outdoor gardens, making it a must-visit opportunity.

Source / IG@doris__0705

Address: No. 18-5, Neipu Road, Puli Township, Nantou County

Phone: 049-299-0999

Booking Link: The Bal`e Villas Niumian Puli

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Kaohsiung – Chao Yi Hotel TAi Urban Resort 高雄 承億酒店TAi Urban Resort

The “Chao Yi Hotel” is designed around the theme of urban resort living, featuring the world’s only high-altitude transparent infinity pool and a high-altitude poolside bar. Many come here for dining or accommodation, drawn to the infinity pool on the 24th floor, especially on clear days, when the cityscape or harbor views of Kaohsiung unfold below, particularly breathtaking during the sunset. The mesmerizing scenery is perfect for capturing stunning photos, especially with the sunset’s warm hues in the evening.

Source / IG@wuchunyi

Address: No. 189, Linsen 4th Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City

Phone: 07-333-3999

Booking Link: Chao Yi Hotel TAi Urban Resort

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Pingtung – Kenting H Resort 屏東 墾丁H會館

The “Kenting H Resort” is surrounded by the azure sea, blue skies, and green mountains, offering an unforgettable 360-degree ocean view. The grandiose interior design features high ceilings and abundant floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing guests to effortlessly enjoy the breathtaking ocean view from any corner. The beautiful infinity pool, with its pavilion and lounge chairs, provides a comfortable place to soak in the sunshine during the day while admiring the sea and sky. In the evening, watching the sunset and twinkling stars by the pool is incredibly soothing.

Source / IG@rueichi0704

Address: No. 60, Zhukeng Lane, Shizi Village, Shizi Township, Pingtung County

Phone: 08-877-1888

Booking Link: Kenting H Resort

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Hualien – Smoke and Waves Hualien Taroko 花蓮 煙波花蓮太魯閣

“Smoke and Waves Hualien Taroko,” nestled against the majestic Central Mountain Range and facing the vast Pacific Ocean, offers a distant view of the Seven Star Lake Crescent Bay, allowing guests to enjoy a leisurely life with the best views. The infinity pool adjusts its temperature according to the weather, and the poolside features pavilions and lounge chairs, allowing guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery comfortably. The hotel’s breakfast buffet offers a wide variety of dishes, incorporating

Source / IG@fall042000
Source/ IG@fall042000

Address: No. 10-6, Cao Lin, Shun An Village, Xincheng Township, Hualien City
Phone: 03-861-2000
Booking Link: Yenbo Hualien Taroko
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