Attractions in Taiwan | Discover 8 Latest Yilan’s New Hidden Gems! Have You Visited the New Version of Brown Boulevard?

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The naming of regions often has its own origins, did you know the name of Dongshan Township in Yilan County is derived from a small mountain resembling a “winter melon”? Formerly known as “Winter Melon Mountain,” Dongshan Township is traversed by two major rivers, the Guangxing River and the Dongshan River, not only nurturing Yilan’s renowned rice but also harboring numerous hidden gems worth exploring. Now, follow our footsteps, and let’s explore Dongshan Township together!

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Yilan Attractions – Yilan Dongshan

心心農家樂 Xin Xin Farm

Apart from the famous Bambi Hills and Zhang Mei Grandma’s Farm, the “Xin Xin Farm” in Dongshan Township, Yilan, could be considered as a hidden gem known only to locals! At Heartwarming Farm Experience, you can get up close with cute animals such as rabbits, deer, sheep, pigs, guinea pigs, and more. Additionally, there are facilities like sand pits, slides, and a small river. Especially, the water in the river is not deep, making it perfect for children to play and cool off during the summer. Even adults can enjoy a refreshing experience just by soaking their feet!

  • Address: No. 51, Lane 535, Lupu Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan
  • Phone: +886 938 067 171
  • Business Hours: 09:00-17:00

仁山植物園 Ren Shan Botanical Garden

Ren Shan Botanical Garden, formerly a reforestation nursery, has gradually transformed into a botanical garden that combines leisure, ecology, and education. It has become a favorite destination for locals in Yilan to enjoy nature during weekends. The garden is mainly divided into the Eastern Garden Plant Exhibition Area, Western Garden Plant Exhibition Area, Great Voyage Foreign Plant Exhibition Area, and Low-altitude Forest Industry Exhibition Area. Among these, the Elizabeth Garden and the French Garden attract large numbers of visitors. With plants climbing on antique red brick walls, as well as statues, ponds, and other European-style garden landscapes, the scenery is delightful to behold. Surprisingly, admission is free, allowing visitors to enjoy such beauty without cost.

  • Address: No. 500, Xinliao Road, Zhongshan Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan
  • Phone: +886 3 958 5991
  • Business Hours: 08:00-17:00
  • Facebook: Ren Shan Botanical Garden

內山休閒茶園 Nei Shan Leisure Tea Garden

Taiwan’s tea culture is thriving, but have you ever tried hand-picking tea leaves while carrying a bamboo basket and wearing a traditional conical hat? Located in the Zhongshan Leisure Agriculture Area, Nei Shan Leisure Tea Garden primarily focuses on producing and selling its own tea leaves and cultivating pomelo trees. Now, it has expanded to offer a variety of activities including tea picking, pomelo tree adoption, making crispy tea leaves, and DIY pomelo flower herbal tea, allowing visitors to experience the entire process from picking tea leaves to washing, drying, frying, and finally tasting the crispy tea leaves they’ve harvested and cooked themselves. It’s an experience that both adults and children can enjoy and have fun with.

  • Address: No. 23, Lane 688, Zhongshan Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan
  • Phone: +886 3 958 1905
  • Facebook: Nei Shan Leisure Tea Garden

三奇美徑 Sanqi Beauty Trail

In Sanqi Village, Dongshan Township, rice cultivation remains the main occupation, preserving the tranquil and precious rural atmosphere. Here, you can find the “Sanqi Beauty Trail,” which is approximately two kilometers long and five meters wide. Whether it’s the lush green rice fields or the golden waves of rice before harvest, visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery throughout the year. Because of this, the Sanqi Beauty Trail is often referred to as the “Brown Avenue of Dongshan.”

  • Address: No. 77, Sanfeng Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan

邱比準 Cupishoot 射擊博物館 Cupishoot Museum

“Cupishoot Museum” is centered around the theme of shooting, featuring indoor and outdoor challenges that are perfect for gathering friends or family for some sweat-inducing fun. The museum displays artifacts such as iron arrows and stone arrows, narrating the evolution of human hunting and gathering. Additionally, visitors can enjoy various games including Angry Birds, air cannons, archery, disc shooting, dart guns, rubber band guns, electronic shooting targets, and basketball machines. One highlight is the four-meter-tall metal target outdoors, an absolute must-try activity!

冬山景點|邱比準 Cupishoot 射擊博物館
冬山景點|邱比準 Cupishoot 射擊博物館
  • Address: No. 93, Baxian 2nd Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan
  • Phone: +886 3 950 7110
  • Business Hours: 09:00-17:00
  • Facebook: Cupishoot Museum

武淵水火同源 Wuyuan Water and Fire Cave

“Wuyuan Water and Fire Cave” is located under the bridge of National Highway No. 5. Here, due to the natural spring underground, mixed with marsh gas, and flowing continuously throughout the year, the extraordinary phenomenon of fire erupting from water occurs. The current “Wuyuan Water and Fire Have the Same Origin” has been redeveloped into a family-friendly park, with added facilities such as artificial turf, roller slides, climbing nets, and foot-soaking pools. Being situated under the bridge, the park remains accessible even on rainy days, making it popular among local residents.

  • Address: No. 103, Wuyuan Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan

梅花湖風景區 Meihua Lake Scenic Area

Meihua Lake Scenic Area, named for its resemblance to a plum blossom, is surrounded by mountains on three sides and features a roughly four-kilometer-long lakeside road. Many people choose to rent pedal boats or take a boat ride to leisurely enjoy the scenic views of the lake and mountains. Additionally, Plum Blossom Lake serves as an irrigation source for farmland and plays a role in conserving water resources. If you’re lucky, you may even spot wildlife such as egrets, squirrels, Formosan macaques, and crested serpent eagles. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in nature!

  • Address: No. 1, Huanhu Road, De’an Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan

冬山河生態綠舟 Dongshan River Ecoark

The “Taiwanese Version of the Lord of the Rings Cave” is here! The Dongshan River Ecoark integrates green tourism, eco-friendly living, and environmental education. It covers an area of approximately 16 hectares and is a forest park integrated with the Dongshan River. Within the park, you can find scenic bridges, observation pavilions, a unicorn beetle restoration area, a butterfly trail, and canoe leisure stations, among other attractions. Many people come here specifically to experience the Dongshan River Ecological Boat Tour. Drifting slowly into the mysterious waterways, you’ll encounter enchanting landscapes resembling the caves of the Lord of the Rings, especially breathtaking when illuminated by sunlight.


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