Hiking In Taiwan For Beginners — Xiluan Mountain

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Hiking In Taiwan For Beginners — Xiluan Mountain

Known as the “sore knee mountain”, Despite ranking at 92nd among the top 100 mountains in Taiwan, it takes determination and perseverance to conquer and to appreciate the beauty of this mountain.

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西巒大山-800x600photo credit:Lemon

Recommended Route For Two-Day Trip

Day 1|06:40 Shuanglong Forest Road Climbing Entrance ▸ Cliff Face ▸09:00 Wooden Ladder ▸1200 Parking Ramp ▸ Deserted Motorcycle Spot ▸ Peony Garden ▸16:00 LuanAn Neighborhood (Destination)

Day 2|05:00 Depart from LuanAn Neighborhood ▸ Xiluan Mountain (3.5 hours round trip) ▸Start Climb Down The Mountain From 10:00 ▸12:00 Parking Ramp ▸17:00 Shuanglong Forest Road Climbing Entrance

雙龍林道登山口2-800x600photo credit:Lemon

Xiluan Mountain is accessible from the entrance of Shuanglong Forest Road, followed by a shuttle bus station. You must register before entering. The application for the Xiluan Mountain Entry must be completed at least three days before entering the mountain. it can also be applied from the Xinyi Police Station. After the verification is passed, the system will send the [Mountain Entry Permit Verification Notice] to your e-mail. Remember to print the attached [Mountain Entry Permit] and the [Mountain Access Personnel List], and hand in the printed copies on the day you enter the mountain.

Shuanglong Forest Roadphoto credit/IG@jcdthought

Speaking of The Xiluan Mountain, in addition to the worth-exploring scenery, it used to be the administrative center of logging in the past, and then became abandoned when the forest resources were ran out. Therefore, there are still many historical relics in the mountain. Strolling in the mountain, you can smell fragrance of cypress and maple, without the interference of signals and networks, you can experience a world that is isolated from the world, as if time stands still.

The Xiluan Mountainphoto credit/IG@jcdthought

Cliff Face

Cliff Facephoto credit: IG@jcdthought

You can still get strong 4G signal during the whole trip around the cliff face. In the cliff face, besides  getting a mobile phone signal, people also get to enjoy the beautiful weather and overlook the beauty of Sun Moon Lake as well.

Parking Ramp

Parking Rampphoto credit/IG@austin_ku

Walking through the forest filled with the thick cypress fragrance, it takes about 4.5-5 hours to arrive at the Parking Ramp. If you are on a three-day trip, it will be the most suitable place for your first night’s overnight stay.

Deserted Motorcycle Spotphotocredit:IG@go_formosa

Peony Garden

Peony Gardenphotocredit/IG@go_formosa

After going through 3 steep slopes, you will be greeted with a flat slope all the way. Before arriving at Luan An Neighborhood, you will first arrive at a large-scale greenhouse garden. In the past, due to the weather, it was the only place in Taiwan to grow peony flowers. The Forest Service has planted more than 400 peonies here, with about 25 varieties. It is said that when the peony flowers are not fully bloomed, they will be cut by professionals and sent directly to the then first wife Song Meiling. These features can easily shot a full array of instagram photos.

Luan An Neighborhood


Luan An Neighborhood, formerly known as the Old Humanity Workstation, with an altitude of 2,600 meters, was once the highest workstation of the Forest Service. The place was built mainly for logging, with 60 kilometers long, and the workstation is located 37.6 kilometers away. During its prime days, nearly 130 people lived and worked here, a complete mountain village was formed, including a large-scale village, with offices, staff dormitories, sales offices, warehouses, computer rooms, and a small temple called “Luanantang”. In the later years, due to various factors such as the decline of economic output value, It was closed in 1981, and since became a ruin in the forest.

Xilun Mountain

Xilun Mountainphotocredit/IG@shaokai_1111

【Water Resources Reminder】

1. There are about four water sources from Shuanglong Forest Road to the Parking Ramp. The last one is about an hour away from the ramp. If you plan to make tea and other activities that require a lot of water, please remember to fetch water in advance.
2. Luan Antang Water Source Walk up the road below the Luan Antang office for about 5 minutes, and you will see a gully on the left with a stable water source.
3. There is no water source between Luan An Neighborhood and Renlun Forest Road. Before departure on the third day, you need to prepare the water you need to drink that day.

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