The Most Scenic Mountain In Taiwan — A Full Guide To Alishan

The five wonders of Alishan’s beauty—railway, sunrise, cloud sea, sunset and sacred trees, attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. There are a lot of ways to get to the Alishan, you can take the railway, bus and drive on your own.

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The Most Scenic Mountain In Taiwan — A Full Guide To Alishanphoto credit: [email protected]readntravel_

Alishan Forest Railway

The railway was completed in 1912 when Taiwan was under the Japanese occupation, it used to transport the beautiful Taiwan cypress trees from Alishan. After logging was banned, it became the only passenger train to ride up the mountains. Alishan Forest Railway is a priceless cultural heritage for Taiwan, Travelers spend time at various stops including Jhuchi and Beimen stations. There are a total of four lines you can take in the Alishan Forest Railway Station.

Alishan Forest Railwayphoto credit: [email protected]twfotop

Chiayi Fenqihu railway station 

Fenchihu Railway Station was the largest stop-off point of Alishan Forest Railways and also the major centre for repair and maintenance. And Fenchihu old street is located 1400 meters above sea level, the highest among old streets in Taiwan. The most famous  Fenqihu  foods that almost everyone gets is the traditional railway lunch box meal, The box consisted of rice, vegetables, and usually pork.

Chiayi Fenqihu railway station photo credit: [email protected]chiyaocheng

Chiayi Fenqihu railway station photo credit: [email protected]aquarius970131

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Alishan Chushan Line

The Chushan Branch of the Alishan Forest Railway is a tourism-focused line providing transportation between the main station at Alishan and Chushan Station during the sunrise.

Alishan Chushan Linephoto credit: [email protected]taiwanbiyori

Tickets for the line (150NT dollars) must be purchased one day in advance from four stations: Chiayi, Beimen, Fenqihu, and Alishan.

Alishan Zhaoping Line

About 6 minutes to take the shortest Alishan train route, and there are famous scenic spots such as Zhaoping Park and Jiemei (Sister) Lakes. If you encounter the cherry blossom season, people will be flooded to the Zhaoping Station. The Line is very worthy as a route to go with the whole Alishan.

Alishan Zhaoping Linephoto credit: [email protected]runaway.c

The schedule of the Zhushan Sunrise Train is adjusted based on the sunrise time and number of passengers each day.

Alishan Shenmu Line

Being the most famous one, the station was named after a famous Alishan sacred tree that aged more than 3,000 years locally known as Shenmu. However, the tree was toppled in a storm in 1997.

Alishan Shenmu Linephoto credit: [email protected]gione_cruise

Taiwan Haoxing Tourist Shuttle

Because there is no train from Fenqihu to Alishan Station, you must get there by bus. If you want to go all the way from Chiayi Railway Station to Alishan, there is a shuttle bus called “Taiwan Haoxing” . If you don’t want to worry about how to arrange you trip in Alishan, you can enjoy the experience route of Alishan sightseeing bus at Chiayi Railway or high-speed rail station. When taking this route, you will get pass by Xiding, Long Touping, Shihjhuo, Fenqihu, and Shizi Village, and each station has different attractions to visit. For example, the sea of ​​clouds at Xiding, the peaks of Yushan Mountain at Long Touping and so on. Even in the bus, you can still enjoy a various natural ecology and geographical landscapes from 200m to 2500m above sea level.

Taiwan Haoxing Tourist Shuttlephoto credit: [email protected]lin_jia_shin

Taiwan Haoxing Tourist Shuttle Route A

Taiwan Haoxing Tourist Shuttle Route Aphoto credit: link

Operating Interval : THSR Chiayi Station(高鐵嘉義站)Alishan(阿里山)
Fare : Price is calculated by sectionNT$278 / one way

Taiwan Haoxing Tourist Shuttle Route B

Taiwan Haoxing Tourist Shuttle Route Bphoto credit: link

Operating Interval : Chiayi Station(臺鐵嘉義站)Alishan(阿里山)
Fare : Price is calculated by sectionNT$251 / one way

TAIWAN TOUR BUS- Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, Hot spring one-day tour

This tour stops at the Sun Moon Lake and Alishan national scenic areas, then the sun moon lake and other surrounding areas. After the visit of Sun Moon Lake and Alishan , you get to enjoy going to a hot spring in Dongpu, relax your body and soul.

TAIWAN TOUR BUS- Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, Hot spring one-day tourphoto credit: [email protected]snowap

TAIWAN TOUR BUS- Alishan Fenqihu 

If you came from a county or city away from Chiayi, you don’t have to worry too much about the transportation. From Kaohsiung and Tainan, you can easily take a sightseeing bus to Fenqihu, eat special local foods and Fenchi Lake boxed lunch and enjoy A full day trip to Alishan.

TAIWAN TOUR BUS- Alishan Fenqihu photo credit: [email protected]nettogrofeht

Traffic Information

【Chartered Car Tour – Alishan】

If you want to enjoy the amazing Alishan scenery along the way, you don’t need to be pressured by trains or bus time limits. One of the best way is to buy a packaged chartered car tour. Compared to train and bus fare, it is a little bit more expensive, but at the same time it’s more convenient. Without stopping along the way saves you a lot of time, and you can also arrange your itinerary flexibly.

【Drive on your own】

*Route 1: National Highway No. 3 → Provincial Highway 3 → Meishan Interchange → 162甲county highway (Meishan, Rueili, Ruifeng, Taihe area)
*Route 2: National Highway No. 3 → Provincial Highway 3 → Zhuqi Interchange → 166 county highway (Zhuqi, Taixing, Rueili)
*Route 3: National Highway No. 1 → Chiayi System Interchange → Provincial Highway 82 → National Highway No. 3 → Zhongpu Interchange → Provincial Highway No. 18

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