Best Place to See Cherry Blossoms : Wuji Tianyuan Temple

Best Place to See Cherry Blossoms _ Wuji Tianyuan Temple

While the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan is subsiding, the majority of Taiwanese are optimistic that 2022 will be a better year than 2021. We should start the year with beautiful things in life, such as walking through cherry blossoms. Except for Wuling Farm, Yangmingshan, Wuji Tianyuan Temple in Tamsui is a underrated place to see cherry blossoms. Not only it is popular for tourists to enjoy the breathtaking view of the blossoming sakura, but also a sacred place for the worshippers. Moreover, Wuji Tianyuan Temple is close to Tamsui Shopping District, where local delicacies are all around here.

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Wuji Tianyuan Templephoto credit: ig@soyriecf

In spring of every year, waves of tourists from all over the world come for the combination of Taiwanese Cherry and Yoshino Cherry.  The trail are are filled with color, making people fall in love with the beautiful nature.

Wuji Tianyuan Temple 2photo credit: ig@sky_kuei

Traffic Information

【Drive On Your Own】
Drive through Chengde Road and Dadu Road to Mangrove and get on the Provincial Highway 2 → Tamkang University and transfer to County Road 101 → Tamsui Wuji Tianyuan Temple

【Public Transportation】

MRT Tamsui Station → Tamshui Bus( all the bus to Beixinzhuang) → Tamsui Wuji Tianyuan Temple Station

【Attractions Spot Around】

Fort San Domingo

With more than 300 years of history, Fort San Domingo’s position overlooking the beautiful the Tamsui River makes it a very popular attractive scenic spot, especially for foreigners.

Fort San Domingophoto credit: ig@this_is_the_peach_world

Tamsui Golden Anchor

Tamsui Golden Anchor is a popular sunset spot, with paths, shops, food vendors & fishing areas. With a total length of 1.5km, is definitely a beautiful trail to spend time with friends and love ones. Biking has become more and more popular in recent years, you can also follow the bike path here to enjoy the scenery.

Tamsui Golden Anchorphoto credit: ig@124.yaki

Aletheia University

Aletheia University is a private university, founded by Presbyterian church. Eastern and western architectural elements have been wonderfully combined in this school, making it an ideal setting for teaching and sometimes, shooting movies. Movies such as ”Happy Dorm” and ”Secret” and both shot the scene in this university before.

Aletheia Universityphoto credit: ig@akino.543

Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

Formerly known as the Tamsui Second Fishing Port, Fisherman’s Wharf is located at the right bank of the river mouth of Tamsui River and is famous for its sunset views. Here, you can Go up Lover’s Tower for a 360-degree panoramic sea view, Overlook the beautiful sunset  from the wooden boardwalk and enjoy the sunset view at Lover’s Bridge.

Tamsui Fisherman's Wharfphoto credit: ig@molly888666

Advisory route

Wuji Tianyuan Temple –> Fort San Domingo –> Tamsui Old Street –> Aletheia University –> Fisherman’s Wharf

Yuandao Guanyin Temple

Upon entering the temple, you immediately felt the realm of solemn. The theme building of Yuandao Guanyin Temple is Japanese-style Tang-style Buddhist temple. Amid the garden is a pond with hundreds of koi fish inside. There are a total of 33 sets of Guanyin statues are set up in this temple. Walking through the temple , you can smell pleasant smell from different flowers and burning incenses full of air.

Yuandao Guanyin Templephoto credit: ig@dight1248

Jinshan Old Street

Speaking of Jinshan Old Street, the most famous food stall is the duck meat store in front of the Guangan temple. Other Savory local delicacies such as deep-fried pork loin strips, fried oyster and taro cake draws thousands of people here. It was also one of the most famous historic streets in Taiwan.

Jinshan Old Streetphoto credit: ig@flex_sar

Jinshan Caishen Temple

The temple is known for the pursuit of wealth and donation, the temple was established in 1999. It has a special symbol of “Fortune Bank” for Taiwanese people.

Jinshan Caishen Templephoto credit: ig@monica7535 


No. 36, Section 3, Beixin Rd, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, 251

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