Eastern Taiwan

Tips You Need to Know When You Go to Zhuilu Old Trail(錐麓古道) in Hualien

As we talk about Hualien, first image that comes up in your mind probably will be Taroko Gorge(太魯閣峽谷). With amazing canyons and cliffs, Taroko Gorge has become a must-see in Taiwan for foreigners. There are distinctive trails in Taroko National Park.

Southern Taiwan

One-Day Rail Tour of Alishan in Taiwan

Taiwan's railways offer an endless variety of experience, and the scenery lining their routes provides an infinite range of fascinating scenery. If you want to get a close look at the island's beauties without having to suffer the troubles of

Food to Eat

How to EAT on a Budget in Taipei, Taiwan?

This isn’t a fully-comprehensive guide to every single budget-friendly eatery in the capital. Nope. This is a small selection of just some of my favourite cheap eats, without skimping on quality. 圓環邊蚵仔煎 NingXia Oyster Omelet If you’re in the area