Eastern Taiwan

HUALIEN|Danongdafu Forest Park:The Veritable Super-Carbon Aerator of Taiwan

Driving on the East Rift Valley, you will see a large stream of forests passing through the sugar factory chimney. It is Danongdafu Forest Park. Taiwan is a beautiful island with the forests everywhere, but it seems that only Hualien and Taitung

Southern Taiwan

CHIAYI|Tefuye Trail : The Misty Forest with Nostalgic Old Railway

Located in Alishan township, Tefuye trail is a 6.32-kilometer long trail from Zhihzhong of Xinzhongheng Road. It takes about 4 hours to walk through the trail. In the early days, it was once the old hunting trail of Taiwanese aborigine,

Food to Eat

One-Day Gourmet Trip in Taichung

Last week I went to Taichung for a one-day trip. I have set a goal for myself that this time I wanted to try some local dishes. Let me show you what I have tried that day in Taichung. ▸Shengqiao