Eastern Taiwan

First-Time Travelers : Tips You Need to Know Before You Go to Chiaming Lake in Taitung

Well, most of the travelers who visit Taiwan will set Taitung as the destination, either for the endless view of ocean or the spontaneous scenery of the mountains. There are many famous mountains in Taitung. Among these mountains, you must

Southern Taiwan

CHIAYI|Tefuye Trail : The Misty Forest with Nostalgic Old Railway

Located in Alishan township, Tefuye trail is a 6.32-kilometer long trail from Zhihzhong of Xinzhongheng Road. It takes about 4 hours to walk through the trail. In the early days, it was once the old hunting trail of Taiwanese aborigine,

Food to Eat

One-Day Gourmet Trip in Taichung

Last week I went to Taichung for a one-day trip. I have set a goal for myself that this time I wanted to try some local dishes. Let me show you what I have tried that day in Taichung. ▸Shengqiao