Eastern Taiwan

Tips You Need to Know When You Go to Zhuilu Old Trail(錐麓古道) in Hualien

As we talk about Hualien, first image that comes up in your mind probably will be Taroko Gorge(太魯閣峽谷). With amazing canyons and cliffs, Taroko Gorge has become a must-see in Taiwan for foreigners. There are distinctive trails in Taroko National Park. Among these trails, Zhuilu Old Trail(錐麓古道) is the most famous one due to the magnificent scenery. Though the beautiful view does attract people, it's not an easy challenge if you want to visit Zhuilu Old Trail. The narrow path, physical

Southern Taiwan

CHIAYI|The Wonderland in the Mountains : Toe’uana, Gassho-zukuri of Taiwan

There is a settlement looks like the tribe that you've seen in the fairy tale story. Beautiful and colorful walls with inclined top, there are 42 tiny chalets standing in the mountain. Like an isolated wonderland, the tribe is called Toe'uana, Gassho-zukuri of Taiwan.   在 Instagram 查看這則貼文   Wade Lee(@wad3photography)分享的貼文 於 PDT 2018 年 10月 月 28 日 下午 11:07 張貼 Many years ago, the typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan, causing many heavy losses in Taiwan. Among them, the Tsou Laiji

Food to Eat

English Friendly Eating in Tainan!士久扁食Shih Chiu Wontons

This shrimp wanton restaurant is in the north of the city, out near the DaQiao Railway Station. It's called Shih Chiu Wontons(士久扁食). Specialising in a slightly different wanton, Shih Chiu look to keep it simple, whilst packing flavour. They also manage to provide a good selection of food they can quickly braise for you in their house stock, which goes well with their smoked chilli sauce. Even though it looks like a lot, there’s not a huge amount on the menu